Exclusive or Non-exclusive which agent to use.

Published: 06th October 2010
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When people think about buying insurance, chances are the first thought that comes to your mind is a national insurance company, one that is advertised everywhere, running a television commercial every few minutes. While widely known can be a good option to find insurance, there is another option that often times is better. In the insurance industry there are two types of agents, independent and captive. Agents that are captive are those who work for the well known insurance company's, and non-exclusive insurance agents are those who work for themselves. Both captive and independent agents can provide you with insurance, but even though both can offer you insurance, independent agents most the time have more options for you.

Captive agents are basically what their name implies; typically they can only sell insurance for one company. They offer only what that company offers. An example would be; someone is looking to buy insurance but they have a ticket on their record. Your exclusive insurance agent will charge a certain increase in premium because he only has that one option. He is bound to that companys price and cant shop around for you because he is exclusive to that insurance company. Normally you have options like, take what he is offerring, or do alot of research yourself and hopefully find a better deal, which will result in your changing agents and companies. This is a lot of work and headache for you, without a guaranteed better result.

Independent agents take care of business quite abit differently than exclusive agents. Like a captive agent, they great coverages with "A" rated companies. Unlike a captive agent, however, they are not bound to only quote you with just one company. Most the times this is a huge benefit to you, the customer. In the same scenario as above, you have 1 ticket on your record and are looking for insurance. Instead of giving you the best quote available for one specific insurance company, an independent agent does the shopping around for you. They work with many different insurance companies and know which ones will have the best rates for your certain situation, or which ones will forgive the ticket altogether. The job of and Independent agent is to give you the lowest premiums possible while keeping your coverage amounts high, and he will. You don%u2019t have to switch agents or pay a higher premium. He does the work, you reap the benefits.

For the most part you will get good insurance coverage, regardless of the type of agent you choose to work with . What you are looking for, though, is good coverage at the best price possible. If you choose to just stick to what you know and stay with your captive agent, you may end up paying more for insurance than you need to. You would be wise to shop both captive and independent agents, then choose the quote,coverage and customer service that will work for you.

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